EPISODE 016 : The Proof is in The Process with Sara Christensen

EPISODE 016 : The Proof is in The Process with Sara Christensen

Sara Christensen is the founder of Kickass Masterminds. SHe’s been a business owner for over 25 years. She’s a massive advocate for the effectiveness of mastermind groups, and has seen and experienced first hand how life changing the proper group can be for the right person.

Her big sales question: Does the sales process we have make sense for what we’re trying to accomplish?

Sara walks Jessica through her sales process, and what she has planned for it, and highlights her goals and the benefits of being involved in a mastermind group. She explains each step of her funnel in detail, and describes the experience for the interested person.

Jessica then does what she does best!

Jess talks about each part of the Funnel, and offers slight adjustments, tweaks and adds that could improve the overall sales process for the buyer. From earlier application opportunities, to added value and content strategies, she brings up a lot of helpful ways to make the process flow more smoothly and effectively.

She also explains the benefit of adding a group/community to the sales process, and when the optimal time to request payment, and why that is. FInally Jess explains why a sales process should be a little on the challenging side, and the issues with making things “too easy”.


“The matching and the management is key to making these groups work”

“I can’t be the only one dog our sales process, it needs to be baked into our company”

“Sales is like baking a cake. You have to get the recipe right”

“What is the urgency?”

“I am committed to this process and I am committed to buying in at the end of this process”

“When we don’t make it a challenge, they have nothing to compete with”



EPISODE 013 : The Ancestral Sales Dance

EPISODE 013 : The Ancestral Sales Dance

In this episode, Jessica makes an interesting comparison between the Haka (an ancestral war dance), and sales. She explains why it makes sense in her world (and why her world is a beautiful place to be), and how it’s really not all that far fetched to attribute the same ideology to sales.

She describes the dance, and gives a little backstory on the dual purposes behind it. Jess lists off a ton of ritual examples from both sales and sports, and explains how they set people up for success.

She explains her own rituals: when she does them, what she does, and why she makes a point to do them. She also gives some insight into booking sales calls, and how to be more effective at them.

She lets us in on one of her nerdy obsessions: handling objections. She explains what happens between you and the buyer when an objection is handled badly, as well as what happens when it’s handled with care.

Jess also wants to hear about your rituals, traditions and lucky charms in sales! Reach out to her at Jessica@jessicalorimer.com


“Every single member of that team is a leader, but they are leaders that come together as a part of a community”

“The sale happens way earlier than when someone gets to that sales call with you”

“They need to be setting themselves up consistently to succeed”

“You have to be confident in telling other people your pricing”

“Sales call structure is super important”

“Confidence is everything”

“It’s about having a routine, process or strategy that is designed to put you, your mind, and your actions all in the right place.



EPISODE 012 : Scaling Passive Income with Sam Bearfoot

EPISODE 012 : Scaling Passive Income with Sam Bearfoot

Sam Bearfoot is an Instagram buff, to say the least. She can also independently move her eyes. Which Jessica thinks is “weird and gross”.  Sam explains the various points in life where it came in handy. She also tells the story of her Instagram experience, and how she started an Instagram with an eye catching quality.

Sam’s Question: How do you scale passive income?

Jessica describes the two strands that she sees in scaling passive income. She explains the importance of getting eyeballs on your offers, and having a product that does the job and people want. She explains what to do once the product is proven, in order to get more attention. She also discusses sales funnels, and their place in the process.

She talks about the appropriate time to upsell, and how it can benefit the buyer at times. Jess also explains the issues surrounding sticking with low ticket passive income products. She also talks about scaling passive income and the value ladder.

Jess shares her thoughts surrounding when to start up a passive income stream. She also talks about where cold and paid traffic factor into the equation.

They also laugh about Sam’s ambition, being Jessica’s best student, and rockets in uncomfortable places. They also reflect on the growth and change within Sam’s business within a year. Sam also shares how true to life she is on social media, including when she looks like she’s “been dragged through a hedge backwards”.


“Traffic is everywhere”

“Having a strategy, being consistent, doing the work.”

“Any Time you want more sales, you need to be driving targeted traffic, to the offer.”

“People will try to jump into passive income, before they’ve perfected their sales process”

“If you’re not making $5k a month consistently, passive income is not your friend”

“You can’t skip the fundamental steps and get the same results”

We tend to grow quickly, if we’re committed”



EPISODE 009 : How to Write Emails That Sell, Not Smell

EPISODE 009 : How to Write Emails That Sell, Not Smell

Jessica talks email marketing on this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast. She tells stories, makes metaphors, and teaches you everything that goes into a solid sales email.

She tells a story of an awful email marketing experience she had with someone who wanted to sell to her. She describes the entire process she went through, and what she decided to reply with.

Jessica breaks down her open rate, and the response rate she gets on her emails, and gives some insight into why that is, and how to work with it.

She explains value, and how to go about delivering it to your audience. She talks about the language used within emails, and how it makes or breaks it for her. She also talks about giving actionable tips in your emails, and how much of a difference it can make.

Jessica also talks about list hygiene, and how much it can help to trim the list down to the people who love and engage with you. The impact it has on your open rates, and why that’s important.

She breaks the taboo around sales emails. She explains the subtleties that go into a solid sales email that actually converts, instead of the clunky emails that repel people. She makes a comparison to dating that somehow makes perfect sense to email marketing.

She also geeks out and celebrates double figures of the podcast episodes.


“All you need to do is interact with people, qualify your leads and make more money and better relationships”

“People like to know the people who are emailing them”

“She writes just like I imagine she sounds”

“When you are sending out emails, make sure you are sending out some value to your audience”

“We know that value sells”

“We want to be wooed”


EPISODE 007 : Why People Buy

EPISODE 007 : Why People Buy

Jessica talks about the psychology behind why people buy, and what that means for you as a seller in today’s episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast! She talks about past experiences, and how they can shape our view of future sales interactions, as well as the 3 main types of selling we encounter as buyers.

The first kind of selling is called Aspirational Selling. You see this kind of thing done online in a way that could be posted to Instagram. It usually involves a lifestyle people want, or a breakthrough that was made that people also want to experience.Done correctly, it can be a very effective and integrity filled method, but the results of the seller have to be legitimate.

The Fear of Missing Out is the inspiration behind the second method of selling. It’s also referred to as FOMO. When you see things like countdown timers or limited availability, this is the type of selling that’s occurring. These types of buyers will be driven by the fear of missing out on certain results.

The final type addressed on today’s show is Emotional Selling. It’s easily the most misused ales strategy, as people think it means pimping out their pain for profit. Done correctly, it can establish relationships, encourage people to like and trust you, and even create a leadership position between you and the buyer, but done in a manipulative fashion: it can destroy the relationship you have with your audience.


“Aspirational selling is really popular in the online space”

“If done well, aspirational selling has a lot of integrity, because it is simply showing people what is possible”

“Make sure they are the real deal”

“You can’t do the same things all of the time”

“If one of your friends or peers buys into something, you are probably going to buy into it”

“Being an emotional buyer does not mean you cry your way through the purchase”

“When done in a manipulative manner, it can be very detrimental to your audience”

“You have to have absolute integrity”


EPISODE 006 : Normalizing Sales Online with Hannah Williams

EPISODE 006 : Normalizing Sales Online with Hannah Williams

On today’s episode Jessica does live coaching with Hannah Williams. Hannah has run the London Marathon twice, and Jessica has actually entered to run this year!

Hannah describes her business to Jessica, and explains her process and what she helps her clients achieve. She talks about the part of her business that fired her up the most.

Hannah asks Jessica: If you have a community who has not been trained to buy from you, or won’t buy from you: How do you turn that around?

Jessica talks about the habits that have been formed by the online marketplace, and the benefits to having “freeple” within your community. She also talks about the normalizing of selling, and when it should be done in order to have the correct impact on the people who follow you.

She also explains how to create a sale friendly environment, and how investment plays a massive factor in the success of people’s efforts. Finally, she and Hannah discuss mindset and how having the proper perspective on sales and selling can significantly impact the degree of success someone experiences.

“We all have those things to a greater or lesser extent: The things that hold us back from going after what we really want”

“That’s one of the reasons people don’t buy: because they’re consuming constantly”

“For every free offer you’re putting out there, you should be putting out a paid offer too”

“In order to make something work, you have to go out and do the steps required”

“You can’t expect someone to invest in you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself”

“How you sell is a direct reflection of how you feel about your business”


EPISODE 005 : The Only Three Things To Generate Immediate Revenue

EPISODE 005 : The Only Three Things To Generate Immediate Revenue

Jessica Lorimer, sales obsessed host of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast, takes today’s episode to describe the only 3 things she does in order to generate instant revenue within her business.

She talks about reasons why someone may need to generate a little extra cash flow, either for business expansion, hiring a team member, or even just to repair the car a significant other broke.

Jessica starts with the assessment phase. She explains what is meant by the term “warm audience” and uncovers the value in assessing just who these people are, and how many of them there are.

She moves into the next step: Have a stupidly sell-able offer. She explains how to curate the offer so that it addresses the needs of your warm audience, and how to go about finding out what those needs are.

Finally, she goes into detail about how to sell it, which is the final phase of this process. She describes when it’s appropriate to do premium offers, and when a “1 to many” approach is more beneficial. She also describes the best way to go about doing both.


“Cash is absolutely King”

“If you are able to generate cash on demand, it’s going to be an awful lot easier for you to operate as a business.”

“The people who are most likely to buy from me are the people who are most engaged with me”

“You don’t need a hundred thousand people on your email list to make money”

“What is the one biggest problem that you have right now?”


EPISODE 004 : Clarity Around Sales with Jen Hall

EPISODE 004 : Clarity Around Sales with Jen Hall

Jen Hall is the Queen of Clarity. She helps entrepreneurs stand out by finding clarity surrounding their niche, and ideal client. Jen has called in to the Smart Leaders Sell podcast to see if Jessica can help her navigate her toughest sales issue on the air.

How to turn a one off session into a sale.

Jessica introduces Jen and asks about her business and what she does. They spend some time discussing clarity within business, niches and ideal clients, and then move on to laughing about dating apps.

Jen asks about one off coaching sessions, and how to increase the amount of value within the call in order to lead to a potential sale. Jessica shares her opinions and insights on coaching during discovery calls, and properly preparing the recipient for the call.

Jessica describes three different ways that a give away or contest can translate into sales, and how nurturing  relationships will better your odds for having success in sales.

Jen asks about challenges, and their effectiveness, as well as the difference between free and paid challenges. Jessica goes into detail about the purpose of each, and what they can be used for before closing out the show.


“You need to have crystal clear clarity on who exactly it is you’re targeting, and what it is that you’re solving for them”

“If you don’t have clarity, you don’t have cash”

“in order to make the money, you have to have the relationship in the first place”


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EPISODE 001: Never Hear Another No on a Sales Call

EPISODE 001: Never Hear Another No on a Sales Call

Jessica has decided to start the show with the most demanded topic! Sales calls. She has had an outpouring of requests to do a sales call episode, and so starting with that topic seems to make the most sense: especially since she geeks out on all things sales related! She starts off by explaining why sales calls tend to turn south, and what we can do to stop it.

She goes into great details about prequalifying leads, and the types of questions we can ask, that will result in a better sales process. After that, Jessica gives an awesome depiction of what makes a great discovery call, and the various phases of a call that can be implemented in order to have more success for both you, and your potential client.

Finally, she dives into the scary world of objections, and gives us tools we can use in order to properly navigate those waters without losing sight of our goal. Massive amounts of goodies in here, and even more to be had! Tune in to the end to get access to even more great stuff!

Quotes “Knowledge is power” “Facts tell, transformation sells” “A confused mind doesn’t buy” www.smartleaderssell.com