Sam Bearfoot is an Instagram buff, to say the least. She can also independently move her eyes. Which Jessica thinks is “weird and gross”.  Sam explains the various points in life where it came in handy. She also tells the story of her Instagram experience, and how she started an Instagram with an eye catching quality.

Sam’s Question: How do you scale passive income?

Jessica describes the two strands that she sees in scaling passive income. She explains the importance of getting eyeballs on your offers, and having a product that does the job and people want. She explains what to do once the product is proven, in order to get more attention. She also discusses sales funnels, and their place in the process.

She talks about the appropriate time to upsell, and how it can benefit the buyer at times. Jess also explains the issues surrounding sticking with low ticket passive income products. She also talks about scaling passive income and the value ladder.

Jess shares her thoughts surrounding when to start up a passive income stream. She also talks about where cold and paid traffic factor into the equation.

They also laugh about Sam’s ambition, being Jessica’s best student, and rockets in uncomfortable places. They also reflect on the growth and change within Sam’s business within a year. Sam also shares how true to life she is on social media, including when she looks like she’s “been dragged through a hedge backwards”.


“Traffic is everywhere”

“Having a strategy, being consistent, doing the work.”

“Any Time you want more sales, you need to be driving targeted traffic, to the offer.”

“People will try to jump into passive income, before they’ve perfected their sales process”

“If you’re not making $5k a month consistently, passive income is not your friend”

“You can’t skip the fundamental steps and get the same results”

We tend to grow quickly, if we’re committed”