Jen Hall is the Queen of Clarity. She helps entrepreneurs stand out by finding clarity surrounding their niche, and ideal client. Jen has called in to the Smart Leaders Sell podcast to see if Jessica can help her navigate her toughest sales issue on the air.

How to turn a one off session into a sale.

Jessica introduces Jen and asks about her business and what she does. They spend some time discussing clarity within business, niches and ideal clients, and then move on to laughing about dating apps.

Jen asks about one off coaching sessions, and how to increase the amount of value within the call in order to lead to a potential sale. Jessica shares her opinions and insights on coaching during discovery calls, and properly preparing the recipient for the call.

Jessica describes three different ways that a give away or contest can translate into sales, and how nurturing  relationships will better your odds for having success in sales.

Jen asks about challenges, and their effectiveness, as well as the difference between free and paid challenges. Jessica goes into detail about the purpose of each, and what they can be used for before closing out the show.


“You need to have crystal clear clarity on who exactly it is you’re targeting, and what it is that you’re solving for them”

“If you don’t have clarity, you don’t have cash”

“in order to make the money, you have to have the relationship in the first place”


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