Jessica talks about the psychology behind why people buy, and what that means for you as a seller in today’s episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast! She talks about past experiences, and how they can shape our view of future sales interactions, as well as the 3 main types of selling we encounter as buyers.

The first kind of selling is called Aspirational Selling. You see this kind of thing done online in a way that could be posted to Instagram. It usually involves a lifestyle people want, or a breakthrough that was made that people also want to experience.Done correctly, it can be a very effective and integrity filled method, but the results of the seller have to be legitimate.

The Fear of Missing Out is the inspiration behind the second method of selling. It’s also referred to as FOMO. When you see things like countdown timers or limited availability, this is the type of selling that’s occurring. These types of buyers will be driven by the fear of missing out on certain results.

The final type addressed on today’s show is Emotional Selling. It’s easily the most misused ales strategy, as people think it means pimping out their pain for profit. Done correctly, it can establish relationships, encourage people to like and trust you, and even create a leadership position between you and the buyer, but done in a manipulative fashion: it can destroy the relationship you have with your audience.


“Aspirational selling is really popular in the online space”

“If done well, aspirational selling has a lot of integrity, because it is simply showing people what is possible”

“Make sure they are the real deal”

“You can’t do the same things all of the time”

“If one of your friends or peers buys into something, you are probably going to buy into it”

“Being an emotional buyer does not mean you cry your way through the purchase”

“When done in a manipulative manner, it can be very detrimental to your audience”

“You have to have absolute integrity”