Jessica talks email marketing on this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast. She tells stories, makes metaphors, and teaches you everything that goes into a solid sales email.

She tells a story of an awful email marketing experience she had with someone who wanted to sell to her. She describes the entire process she went through, and what she decided to reply with.

Jessica breaks down her open rate, and the response rate she gets on her emails, and gives some insight into why that is, and how to work with it.

She explains value, and how to go about delivering it to your audience. She talks about the language used within emails, and how it makes or breaks it for her. She also talks about giving actionable tips in your emails, and how much of a difference it can make.

Jessica also talks about list hygiene, and how much it can help to trim the list down to the people who love and engage with you. The impact it has on your open rates, and why that’s important.

She breaks the taboo around sales emails. She explains the subtleties that go into a solid sales email that actually converts, instead of the clunky emails that repel people. She makes a comparison to dating that somehow makes perfect sense to email marketing.

She also geeks out and celebrates double figures of the podcast episodes.


“All you need to do is interact with people, qualify your leads and make more money and better relationships”

“People like to know the people who are emailing them”

“She writes just like I imagine she sounds”

“When you are sending out emails, make sure you are sending out some value to your audience”

“We know that value sells”

“We want to be wooed”