Jessica addresses how your environment effects your sales performance in this episode of Smart Leaders Sell.

Jess begins by telling a tragic tale involving shrimp, her fish tank, and toxic waste. She explains that staying up late and coaxing them to live was not enough to keep her fishy friends alive.

She draws a parallel between her fish, and sales. We didn’t see that coming! Jess alludes to the idea that we are the sum of the 5 people we spend time with, and how putting ourselves in the proper environment can massively impact our success.

She talks about free FB groups and how they can sometimes be a trap filled with “water-cooler people”, and how they often come with negativity and drama. It’s important to be around the kinds of people who are willing to propel you forward.

Jess lists off all of the ways we compare ourselves to others, and the damage it can do to our success. She explains that comparing your stuff to someone else’s, or your life to someone else’s is a fast track to negativity and drama, and quickly derails people who have their sites set on bigger things.

She also describes why she loves being the dumbest person in the room, and why it makes her feel great. She reinforces the benefits of being the kind of person who is eager to learn and keen to implement.


“We sabotage our environments, or we stay in environments that are not conducive to results”

“Arrogance is a thing. It happens”

“There is a direct correlation between who you spend your time with, and the results that you get”

“They’re way more focused on bitching about somebody else’s success than they are on creating their own”

“Comparisonitis kills”

“Be okay with being coachable”

“It’s okay to ask for help.”

“Environment is key for long term success”