Jessica welcomes 2018 with excitement and joy. After flashing back to 2017, it’s easy to see why. The consequences of the events of 2017 on both humanity and business were detrimental and left people in a bit of a quandary when it comes to business. But before she gets into the sales and planning, Jess wants to know: How were your holidays?

Jess has decided to dedicate this episode to planning ahead in order to be as successful as possible in the New Year, and not set yourself up to fail. She credits this episode to one of her favorite musicians: Eminem, and his new song with Beyonce: Walk on Water. She takes a moment to explain why she loves Eminem, and how he came to inspire this podcast episode, much to Sam’s dismay.

Jess dives head first into goal setting, and the crucial role that mindset plays in the actual realization and accomplishment of those goals. She also talks about self-criticism and how easy it can be to tear yourself apart by comparing yourself to others. She explains that she had to shift her mindset in order to earn the money she earns today and that it didn’t come easily, or overnight. She also refers to herself in the third person… a lot.

She talks about her midnight mass experience, and the heavy metal band that massacred classic Christmas songs. She believes they thought it was an improvement, when in actuality it was awful. Jess explains that whenever you improve something, it’s a good idea to ensure that it’s actually an improvement and adds value to people. She also explains that new customers may not necessarily be the main generation of revenue, and perhaps revamping something you already have in existence would go a lot further.

She talks about resolutions and how we tend to set them without following through. Jess talks about the fact that setting arbitrary goals because someone else wants to accomplish something is actually a very bad idea, and instead, you would be much better off taking inventory of your own life, and your own values and setting goals that will get you more of what you find valuable and important.

Finally, Jessica leaves off with thoughts about execution, and why setting a goal is actually pointless if you’re not going to follow through and complete the goal. She brings up a phenomenal quote by Yoda and then disagrees with our little green Jedi Master. She feels that there is definitely merit in trying things and shares a few ideas and insights on what you can do to ensure you have greater success in accomplishing your goals.


“It’s all well and good to set the big goals… but actually, if you don’t have the mindset that’s gonna help you get there, it ain’t gonna happen”

“Who do I have to become in order to be the person who makes10K a month?”

“Next Level Jess was always striving to be a better business owner”

“When we are planning to bring something new into the mix, it has to actually add value”

“Don’t set goals just because other people say that’s what they’re doing”

“What did you not do last year that you feel you missed out on?”