Jess welcomes Bernadine Graham onto Smart Leaders Sell! Bernadine has a great sense of humor, is in love with all things tech, and makes a great guest for the show! Jess shares a moment about how technologically incapable she can be, and Bernadine leaks a little secret about how little she knew when she got her first office job!

Bernadine describes what she does, and how being a “corporate escapee” has helped her hone in on what she really loves, and why systems are so important.

Her sales question: How do I improve my marketing and sales skills, and still be in introvert?

Jess describes what a mindset coach taught her about introverts versus extroverts, and what advantages an introverted person has in sales and marketing. She also explains the benefit of finding one platform and consistently delivering from it.

She talks about Instagram, Podcasting and other broadcast mediums that work well for introverted people, and also factors in that introverts don’t necessarily need to be the face of their business. There are other ways to deliver content without including yourself as much.


“I’m an opportunist. I got my first office job and I don’t think I even knew what Outlook was then”

“Marketing when you’re an introvert actually makes you a better salesperson”

“It’s about being comfortable”

“I’m the cog behind the machine, I’m the one that keeps the wheels turning, so I’m not really visible.”

“Show yourself the evidence”

“You don’t have to be anyone you don’t want to be”

“When I first started, I tried to do everything…”