Jess is in the Christmas spirit recording today’s episode! She’s even kicking back with her reindeer antler headband and a festive Christmas… Corona!?

She gives credit to brick and mortar businesses on this special holiday edition of Smart Leaders Sell, and tips her antlers to some of the strategies and ideas they use to create buzz around sales.

Jess describes what companies and corporations do during this time of year to build a relationship with you, and ensure that you become a customer of theirs in the new year.

She also shares some insight surrounding urgency during this time of year, and how brick and mortar businesses use messaging that tends to be more keen on making the sale now, rather than later. Max also makes a guest vocal appearance.

Jess also takes the opportunity to elaborate on rewards, and how rewarding your customers and audience in December can give people incentive to do business again with you in January.

Jess leaves off by wishing you a very happy holiday season, and an absolutely fantastic Christmas.


“There are lots and lots of things that brick and mortar businesses do incredibly well”

“It’s also the season of lead generation”

“What can I be doing in my business right now to ensure leads for next year?”

“Shops know that this is the biggest time of year for sales”

“In order to maximize the festive season, we need to be selling consistently, we need to be selling regularly.”

“January is a really slow sales moth for most businesses”