Kaylyn Parker is welcomed warmly onto the show this week to talk sales! She specializes in social media strategies and digital marketing. Kaylyn spends her days doing social media marketing for her clients and helping them build a journey for their customers online.

Her question: Why can I sell other people, but hit a blank when I sell myself online?

Jess asks her whether her lack of marketing is based out of fear, or a lack of time. She explains the overwhelm of not being able to find a starting point. She wants to know what is the most important thing she should be focusing on.

Jess breaks down the 3 major components of sales, and discusses how to choose the proper platform for your message. Kaylyn also brings up a fear she has surrounding being inactive on certain social media platforms and how that could reflect on her brand.

Jessica also shares her insights on selling to a group, and how to balance nurturing an audience and selling to them. She talks about having consistent days and setting expectations straight away.


“A client of mine is a marketing agency and they asked me to do something that was no longer possible on social media”

“you really have to keep up on what’s current so that you’re not making false promises”

“I want to do it, I’m not scared to do it, but I don’t know where to start”

“You need to grow your audience, you need to nurture them, build relationships with them, and then you need to sell to them”

“You have your finger on the pulse of social media, that doesn’t mean you have to be interacting on every single platform”

“You’re running a business because you want to enjoy it”