Jess is back with another awesome deep dive into a sales topic! Today she talks about Standing and Delivering: what happens on after the customer buys. She also graces us with her excellent singing voice!

She explains that customers are beginning to feel like they’re not valued, and that’s because a lot of people are over promising and under delivering.

She shares her experience with scrolling the FB news feed, and how many people she see’s posting crazy amounts throughout the day. She breaks down the negative effects that being too present on social media can cause to you, and your business.

She describes the effects of setting proper expectations, and talks about men with laser beams. She also explains why people are afraid to shout it from the rooftops how talented they are.


“What happens after the customer buys from you?”

“Customers are starting to feel like statistics”

“The people who are going to buy from you have a lifetime value”

“People actually buy from humans”

“Our job is not to create codependent clients”

“Communication is huge for helping to retain clients”