Steph Weller is amazing when it comes to social media. She understands what makes the customer journey enjoyable on social media, and what gaps people tend to leave in their strategy. She helps clients by filling in those gaps to create a much better presence and journey for the customer.

Her Question: How do you scale without burning out?

Jess talks about different ways to scale, and begins by talking about hiring in people who can do what you do. She explains that eventually, people want to grow beyond their current position and take on new things, and putting someone in place that can handle your current job is one way to scale a brand.

She also explains a completely different route that doesn’t require a team. She explains how to get the job done using quarterly strategies to grow and nurture an audience, doing two or three big launches a year.

Jess talks about membership communities and why they can be very difficult to build (contrary to popular belief). She explains attrition rates and how to avoid running into problems with members dropping out.

Finally, Jess lets listeners in on her own business model, and how she’s been investing her own time and money thus far, and what she intends to change in 2018. She also talks about what she plans to do in her 70’s, which is quite far off, but it’s nice to see her planning ahead!


“I just think people miss out on the basics of social media”

“I’m not going to be on the pulse of every single trend”

“The important thing is you’re building the business that you want to build”

“We have a 98% success rate and a 100% completion rate”

“If you deliver in a membership, the lifetime potential of a customer is huge”

“Sometimes we forget about the long term plan”