Jessica breaks down launches, and how to properly plan them out on this episode of the Smart Leaders Sell Podcast!

Jess kicks off by explaining some of the best times to have a lunch, and why. She also discusses various things that a launch should be accomplishing other than signups and revenue. She explains that there are different objectives beyond money that should be factored into a successful launch strategy.

She breaks down KPI’s and what function they serve for a business. She also discusses why they are necessary, and how much of a difference they actually make when someone knows them, versus when someone ignores them.

Jess shares insights on the best way to open the doors to your launch, and what kinds of tools and strategies you should be using to ensure a successful launch. She also explains touch pints that buyers need to have with you in order to feel comfortable making the purchase. She also talks about opening the cart only to have no one buying, and why that happens.

Finally, Jessica breaks down the proper use of urgency, automation, and Double D’s. She shares tips and advice on how to keep customers happy from step one, all the way to the very end of the process.


“Launches take work”

“Everybody loves to know that something exciting is about to happen”

“The way you open the doors to your launch is going to be dependent on who you are as a seller”

“It’s all about confidence”

“Some people do take longer to buy than others”

“different launches have different requirements”

“People will be deciding whether or not they like you”

“Who you buy from says a lot about who you are”