On Today’s episode of Smart Leaders Sell, Jess talks about her experience at the Youpreneur Summit and the key takeaways she brought back with her.

She gets into why her voices sounds just a little bit awful, and how she recorded this entire episode once already with her microphone on mute, before diving into her amazing experience at Youpreneur!

Jess takes us through the process of deciding to go, and lists a great group of reasons to attend quality conferences. She also explains just who was there, and why that excited her.

She makes an account of the first night, including such events as: hugging Pat Flynn and coercing him to hug another lady, coming face to face with a man in the washroom without realizing they were unisex, and being notably under dressed the entire time.

Mastery is one of the topic that Jess took away from the summit. She explains that a lot of people aren’t successful because they don’t take enough time on one thing to become great at it.

Consistency and Focus were other big takeaways from Youpreneur. Jess kicks off by listing off an impressive number of social media platforms she’s considered using for visibility. She explains how narrowing down her focus and being consistent is behind every success stories.

Jess ends things off with a talk about getting back to basics and learning what works specifically for you. She talks about the risk of following bright shiny objects, and what happens when you try to carry too many things at once.


“Why do I want to go to a conference?”

“I want to learn from some of the best people in the industry”

“To have that amount of talent in one room was scary”

“It was just a great atmosphere. People were really interested in what other people were doing.”

“I always want to learn more. I always want to develop more”

“When you’ve been consistent in one area, and you’ve gotten results, that’s when you can start to broaden out a bit”

“You leave a job to build a life, and then build a business that fits around that life”

“The system that works in my business and brings in revenue day after day doesn’t necessarily work for someone else”

“Going back to basics is everything”