Julie Dennis spends her days educating and informing women about menopause. She’s breaking the stigma, and impacting tons of women on a global scale when it comes to understanding their body, and what happens to it naturally. When she talks about it, it really doesn’t seem as bad as the rest of the world would have you believe! Julie recently wrote a book called the Hot Flash Freedom Guide, and has questions about it.

Her Question: How do I map out a book launch?

Jess is more than happy to talk book launches! She starts off by giving a small peek at the things Amazon considers, and explains why having a ton of reviews on day one actually impacts your launch in a negative way.

She explains the purpose of a wait list, and how it can impact the success of a launch in a great way. She talks about how to get traffic to the wait list, the motivations people have for helping you, and where incentives play into things.

Jess talks about getting out into the eyes and ears of the masses by guest blogging, guesting on podcasts and collaborations with others. She also explains that depending on the time of year, seasonal events can impact the success of a launch, so it’s important to plan accordingly and use those seasonal things to your advantage.

Fnally she explains the only thing people need to do in order to get people to buy their book once it’s been launched.


“Be yourselves, people”

“We’re going to make the Hot Flash Freedom Guide as big as Fifty Shades of Grey”

“Every call to action should be: Traffic to wait list”

“I was the only person skiing in a strappy top”

“People won’t always buy on day 1”

“All they need to do is know the reason to purchase”


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