Jessica is on an extreme coffee high today, and has decided to debunk the myth surrounding spiritual people having very little money! She explains that while she’s a nice person, and will do a lot of things for people out of just being kind, she also wants to make money.

Aside from dropping controversial points all over this episode, Jess brings up that it is very possible (and beneficial) to be a good person, AND make money doing so. She explains her motivation behind earning money, and how that doesn’t impact or interfere with her ability to be a good person. She goes on to explain the avenues she uses to help people, and how they differ from the avenues she uses to create revenue.

Jess ties it into how difficult it can be for people who are on the spiritual side, to charge for the gifts and talents they possess. She also explains how deeper feelings and motivations surrounding money can impact the ease in which we make it.

“Making money didn’t have to be done doing something I wasn’t really loving”

“Money affords me a lot of things that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to do”

“I don’t just want to help people”

“Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile those gifts and talents you were given naturally, and asking to be paid for them”

“What are your actual feelings around money?”

“I’m not confident telling people what my price is”