Jess and Liz start off talking about Facebook communities and content strategies to prevent overwhelm within your group, as well as share insights on what content creators, and consumers can do to get more out of their time.

Liz is an online launch strategist and FB ads geek, so you know when she has a question: It’s going to be a good one.

Her Question: Where Do We Start??

Jessica explains the challenges that face people who have small lists, but also dispels a few of the sales myths surrounding them. She also talks about the basics of pricing.

She also shares insights on selling within communities, and how solving problems for a better price point can impact your business for the better.

Jessica explains transformation. The goals, The accountability, and the worth. She also explains what people actually are willing to pay for.

She also talks about the questions she likes to ask herself, and how she got herself comfortable with her pricing. She also shares various strategies and examples she’s used to get her over some obstacles.


“People are starting to get really overwhelmed”

“we end up watching everything and getting nowhere fast”

“If people have a problem, they want to pay to have their problem solved”

“If you train your audience not to buy, they won’t buy”

“Other people’s finances are none of your business”

“People don’t pay you for PDFs”

“Be confident, be energetic, be confident in your pricing”

“What will I do?”