On today’s episode, Jessica talks to Colleen Kochannek of the Scrappy Frontier about how her business name came to be, her approach to business after 50, and getting over the technology part of business.

She hits Jessica with the question: Where do I find my audience, and how do I stay in front of them?

Jessica starts off by explaining how something as simple as asking questions can give huge clues as to where you want to be putting effort, and what mediums you want to use in your business, to get in front of your audience.

They talk about content, how much to give away, and how much to sell. Jessica explains why putting your best content into the world is the greatest idea for sales.

She shares her thoughts on accountability, and implementation, and how much can be expected from you in free communities. She also talks about why people buy into you, and what they are typically after.


“I’m not going to blow corn up your skirt”

“If you don’t have the relationships, you’re never going to make the money”

“It’s not about where you can find them, it’s about asking them: Where are you?”

“Assumptions don’t help you”

“Pretty much anything you can think of can be monetized, you just need to get it in front of the right people”

“Sell them what they want, Give them what they need”