With loads of opinions and knowledge on the subject, Jessica is taking on the topic of selling withing FB groups today. She’s also breaking down how to do it without being a complete sleaze.

She starts things off by telling us a bit about why FB groups are so valuable, and how people end up overwhelming themselves very quickly. She also gives us a little bit of insight around value, and how to be relevant within a group setting.

Jessica describes the various member types you’ll find within groups, and why they are important to form relationships with. She also explains how to get the most out of these groups while respecting the group itself, and the people within it.

She gives a ton of insight as well as tips and tricks that will help you no matter what kind of group your in. She talks about “sneaky” pitches that will just annoy people, and how to not be a complete dick when conducting yourself within someone’s FB group


“You’re not focusing on the key money making activities in your business…”

“You have a limited attention span. There are a limited amount of things you can take action on”

“People buy people”

“A lot of my competitors are very good people and they do amazing things”

“Respect the rules”