In this episode of Smart Leaders Sell, Jess talks about a date night she recently had! Don’t be alarmed, she didn’t go out on a date with a random guy, she took her boyfriend Sam! They decided to go to the cinema to check out Molly’s Game. She doesn’t give out any spoilers, but she does describe the plot, and who the main Character was based on. She explains that Molly was renowned for setting up high profile poker games, and getting in with celebrities and big names. Sje attended her first one, then developed the business, began hosting them, and eventually had a fall from grace and was investigated by the FBI. Her lifestyle and business were fascinating to say the least.

Jess started off and built her brand around high ticket sales, and hasn’t really talked about them much on the show up to this point, so she’s decided to revisit her roots and give us a little taste of what goes into high ticket selling, and why people do it. She talks about how she started selling higher ticket and then funneled down into group programs, membership sites and smaller sales once her audience grew she had capacity.

Jess breaks down the difference between value and worth, and why it’s crucial to know your value. She states that your worth will differ depending on who you talk to, and that it’s not about being super confident and deciding you’re worth a certain amount. Instead, it’s about looking at the value you add to your customer.

She shares the reasons why Molly was a hot commodity, and why her value was extraordinarily high. She describes what Molly did in order to make people want to pay her that kind of money to be involved with her over anyone else. Jess also talks about boundaries, and how important it was for Molly to set them, as well as how important it is for us to set them as well. Setting boundaries has a positive effect on your business, both for you and your clientele, and Jess is more than happy to break that down in detail, and provide evidence to back that up.

Jess also brings up the word integrity, and shares the reason why it’s not only her favorite word, but a necessary aspect of high ticket sales.She tells of a moment when Molly told a client that poker was not for them, and removed them from the game, even though she would sustain a loss as a result of it. Reputation is the most important thing you can have in online business, and Jess shares a few things that can help you protect yours, and remain in integrity.


“In the online space a lot of people are preaching high ticket sales”

“Know your value, know your value, know your value.”

“It’s about actually looking at the value you’re adding to your customer.”

“There are some experiences in life you cannot buy”

“When we price something at a high level and it prices somebody out, we feel like we’re excluding them”

“What can I do that will make me indispensable to this process?”

“She provided this high quality experience, but that doesn’t mean she gave endlessly”

“When you set these boundaries, it makes people feel safe”

“Integrity is one of my favorite words”

“It’s not about the money, it’s about reputation.”

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