Jessica joins us this week to give us the inside scoop on what REALLY went down at Dan Meredith’s Brighton Business Bonanza. She describes all of the speakers who were present, and what they covered within the speeches and presentations.

She explains that she’s an absolute troll most mornings, but the Brighton event had her primed and ready to go out and meet new people at ungodly hours of the morning! She attributes that success to that quality of the community she was asked to be a part of, and how motivational it was to be surrounded by so many great people.

She describes the feeling she got when she met so many amazing people who were deeply connected, not only in business, but as friends too. Jess also talks about the amount of people who approached her in an almost apologetic fashion because “her business is so far ahead of theirs” and how that’s a silly thing to do.

She explains how to properly approach networking with powerhouse type people, and how coming from the proper place instead of a self serving place can have a much bigger impact on your life and business. She also doesn’t recommend licking anyone’s shirt after asking for an autograph or a photo.

Jess breaks down the 3 key things that are required in order to get the most out of an event. She uses the Brighton Business Bonanza as an example, and shares how she’s applied those keys to make the most out of it. She also shares examples of when implementation is more important than consumption.

Jess finally shares some of the relationships she’s built as a result of the event, including being unable to work the coffee machine and having a gentleman rescue her, getting a fellow’s name wrong a multitude of times, and potentially being responsible for a dangerous ride home for another lad as he wanted to binge listen to the podcast on the way.


“It’s not often that you get so many great people in a room together”

“When it comes to business, if you don’t have a tribe, you don’t have any of the important things you need to build your business”

“When you value your people, they value you”

“Never be apologetic for the stage your business is in”

“People don’t response well to people who want to take more than they give”

“Talk to them like they’re human”

“Take the bits you really want”

“Don’t beat yourself up about any little mistakes you do make, we’re all human”

“The information is probably the least important party of the event”