Jessica welcomes the Queen of Boundaries, Emma Langton to Smart Leaders Sell! The two get deep into the topics of Boundaries, Sales and Mindset immediately after the intro. It gets informative fast, so have that glass of wine ready before you hit play.

Her Sales Question: How do we sell every single day?

Jess names the first part of the process as automation and breaks it down to it’s simplest form. She explains that putting a link to your book, or your product, or service in the caption of your profile banner is still a form of passive sales.

Jess also describes the value in reacting to the demands and needs of the people who follow you. People show up, show interests, ask for the solutions and then get hacked off when nothing comes out of it. If you delay long enough, they go elsewhere and get their problems sorted. Jess explains how to go about fixing that.

Really clear calls to action are key, and carefully mapping out each step of your customer’s experience will help you fill it all in. Once you’ve done the market research, what then? They go into depth about processes, and bring it all the way back to where we started: boundaries.


“It’s not about the boundary itself, it’s about how I feel as a person”

“I always call it the necessary evil”

“You don’t want to be friends with everyone”

“One comment does not a business make”

“Please world, go and tell us what you’re doing”

“If we’re not confident, they can’t be”

“The worst that can happen is someone says no”


And for Jess!

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