Jess kicks off this episode with a few cheers for her book’s bestseller stats, along with news of it launching in paperback on Amazon this week! She also tells us a story about her very first skiing lesson, which was inspired by an impromptu trip she agreed to take with friends. Don’t worry, it ties into our main topic today, which is landing pages!

She describes the difference between a warm audience, and a cold audience, as well as why that matters in terms of landing pages. She compares them to a relationship and explains that warm audiences respond differently than cold audiences to certain things.

Jess shares her landing page conversions openly and then goes even further to give us exactly how she gets conversions well above industry standard. She takes the time to break down what she does differently between her cold and warm audiences and the thought process behind why they work so well for each.

She fires off a list of questions that people typically ask about landing page tactics, and their significance, and the one thing that remedies it all. Jess also dives really deep into the customer journey, and why everything needs to be congruent and clear.


“Landing pages are not always the first place people find you”

“Your landing page is not there for you to make money”

“It’s not about copying competitor’s funnels, it’s not about copying their ads”

“We want it to be the kind of experience that establishes our brand for them”

“It’s not about picking the most popular option”

“Don’t talk about features, talk about benefits”

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