Jess kicks off this episode by gushing all over Kemberli’s name, and Kemberli explains the story behind it, and the cynicism she’s gotten from disbelievers. Jess also calls her the Queen of Money and asks her about her business. Kemberli is more than happy to explain what she does, which ultimately is help African American women build profitable and sustainable businesses.

The two get into a deep conversation about sales relationships, and the obstacles that diversity can bring to the table. Jess brings up how awkward she looks dropping rap verses in her car with her volume cranked to max, and compares it to being in a sales conversation with a client that isn’t ideal for you.

Kemberli’s Sales Question: How do I transition from working one to one, to a membership site, without losing the people on my list?

Jess starts by asking her why she’s switching from a one to one coaching model into a membership model. She also wants to know if this is more beneficial to Kemberli’s clients, and why. With that information in hand, Jessica then goes on to describe the simplest transition possible for Kemberli’s situation.

Jess explains that she’s not kicking anyone out of her circle by changing her business model, and gives her a few tips on how to clarify that for people in order to keep them close. She also points out some of the perks and value to both her and her audience by taking on the membership model as opposed tot he one on one.


“We also aren’t taught, as women, to manage our money”

“There are some people that don’t want to buy from me because, in all honesty, I’m just not the person that they can relate to”

“If you want to sell to your ideal clients, you have to be what they expect you to be”

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