Louise Mason joins Jess on Smart Leaders Sell today! Louise is Jess’ counterpart in the world because she specializes in marketing. Often people blur the lines between sales and marketing and get a little confused surrounding what falls under which category. The two ladies laugh about awful marketers they see online and how many people miss the point before going into Louise’s big sales question.

Her question is: When does marketing become sales?

Jess laughs about what salespeople would answer this question with and then breaks down exactly when the sales process starts, and what’s considered marketing to get the customer to that point. Using Facebook as her example platform, she describes the components of marketing she uses in order to get traffic in front of her so that she can begin a sales relationship with someone.

They discuss prequalification, and the role that marketing plays in bringing the best possible leads forward to the sales conversation. Jess also compares running a business to running a car and explains that it’s important to reverse engineer sales problems and not just assume that it’s an issue with marketing.

Jess continues to talk about the close relationship between sales and marketing, and how to use marketing to continuously improve the customer experience, and retain them long after they’ve purchased, or even turn them into a repeat buyer. Louise draws a mental image of Sales and Marketing embracing one another in a loving hug as they continue to congruently work together to accomplish great things within a business.


“If you don’t have visibility, you will never have traffic. If you don’t have traffic, you will never sell”

“The minute the one to one relationship starts happening, that then becomes sales”

“A good marketer will bring you the best leads possible”

“It’s so important when you’re running a business to look at every part of the process”



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