Jess starts off with an apology this on episode. She wanted to give you a massive update on her live event, but her producer shouldn’t have to work weekends, and because he feels that way: Jess is deeply apologetic. So today, we’re talking about how to be the best customer or client.

Jess feels that in order to be a great salesperson, you must first be a great customer. She explains that being a client allows us to gain a look behind the curtain, and grow empathy for the people who sell and run these programs, products and services, which then allows us to extend the same effort and care to our own clients. She also describes what kind of thought goes into buying, and why it’s essential to your business to understand why you buy.

She goes into something called reflection, and the difference scenarios in which we do it. She also dives into rapport, how it impacts the buying relationship, as well as many other aspects of our lives and businesses. She also mentions a few different ways to properly set expectations between yourself and your client.

Jess shares that we have to examine our mentality, and our own behavior in order to find out how that is projecting itself into our sales, our relationships and ultimately: our success. She shares a story about her manager, and the tough things he said that helped her to see things from the outside looking in. She shares a few more tips on how deal with and avoid troublesome clients or service providers moving forward.

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“In order to be a really good salesperson, you also have to learn to be a really good customer”

“We’re designed to help other people figure out their emotions”

“Being a great client will give you more empathy”

“How can I be the best customer to you?”

“Set the expectation before people buy”

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