It’s finally time! Jess is recapping her live event!! She also officially announces her book being a number one best seller for a short period of time before being overtaken by Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book! Celebrations all around, but before we get to that: the juicy event recap.

One of the first talks at the event was How to get PR that pays. Jess talks about PR, and the critical role it played in her business success. She noticed some online trends that were occurring and used PR to solve that issue completely. Amanda, the speaker, talked about press hooks and using who you are as a person to get the kind of PR that brings you business. Jess shares a few of her own insights on it as well.

Going left when everyone else goes right was the second talk. This podcast is an example of Jess going left, and she talks about that. Helen’s presentation was all about being different, and not being too attached to the original idea, but about how you’re going to convey it in a way that makes a bigger impact. Ultimately, being unique brings in money, and she brought a lot of thoughtful ideas surrounding that to the audience.

The clarity queen, Jen Hall was up next, and she talked about the process, and how important it is to ensure you’re actively taking part in each piece along the way, in order to get the best results for not only you but your client as well. Jess reflected on her own sales process mistakes and cleared up some of the things she could have done differently in order to have greater success with old offers.

Dan Meredith, A.K.A The Beast of Business, shook the stage after that. Amidst a storm of hair and F-bombs, a talk about personal branding challenged and captivated the room at the same time. Jessica’s takeaway from Dan’s talk is that it’s possible to have the business you want to have and have it fit your lifestyle perfectly. Regardless of whether you’re introverted or extroverted, a content machine or otherwise.

Next to take the stage was Keirsten. She brought an interactive and value-packed session about how to map out your book. It was massively valuable, and Jess wishes she would have waited until this talk to publish hers!

Finally, It was our fearless host’s turn to take the stage. Jess talked about creating a profit path, and how the resources you currently have, whether that’s time or money, and how to use them to create more business. She also shares 3 massive tips on how to generate a revenue, and solve the biggest problems within your business. Jess wishes us well and sends us off to eagerly await the next episode.


“Not entirely sure whether that says he is dominating the business world, or whether he is a hairy werewolf type individual”

“What is that main thing that makes you stand out?”

“Find a way that you disrupt your industry”

“You have to be you, and you have to find the formula that works for you”

“What resources do you have right now, and are you using them?”

If you want to help Jess take her title back from Gary Vee, feel free to pick up a copy of her book!



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