Jessica talks Customer Service on this episode of Smart Leaders Sell! Jess kicks things off by talking about great customer service and how it creates repeat business. Conversely, she also talks about how an inability to handle customer service requests will absolutely total your business.

She lets us in on 3 separate customer service scenarios: one was great, one was terrible, and one was her own customer service mistake! She goes full out in order to help us learn from her mistakes, but also to show us the value of handling our customers with care, and dealing with things in an appropriate manner.

She shares the first story about a mail-order food service she bought from, and how awesome it was until an email automation made her feel less valued after making the purchase. She explains what happened, why it made her feel that way, and what she then proceeded to do about it. Jess goes on to share the back and forth email correspondence she shared with an impossible customer service rep who valued being right more than they valued her business, and how it ultimately reflected on her opinion of that business. Jess tells us a process that would help to smooth over a situation like this one, in order to positively impact your customer relations and your business.

Jessica shares a second scenario that went quite a bit differently than the first in that it was actually a very pleasant experience. She breaks down the situation and tells us about a transcription service she hired that gave her a couple of files that were not up to standard. Upon leaving feedback, she was contacted by a great customer service rep (named Hugh) and was immediately offered a solution to her problem.

Finally, Jess talks about her own customer service blunder. While looking through applications to her membership community, she noticed one that had been inadvertently ignored for months! She describes how she went about dealing with the issue, and what she offered to the potentially angry customer in order to smooth over the situation.


“One issue does not lose us a customer is we handle it in the right way”

“Sometimes the customer is very very wrong”

“As a customer, I didn’t feel heard. I didn’t feel valued”

“If you provide a bad customer service, you can expect to have 5 times as many people to be told about it than if you provide a good customer experience”

“It’s my company, therefore responsibility lies with me”

“Make sure your customers are always leaving with a good taste in their mouth”

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