Gemma Stow completely changed her business in 2017. She went through a lot in the process but finally ended up with what she calls The F Movement. The F Movement was inspired by an entire list of F words that Gemma truly enjoys, and her purpose is to help women create that belief in themselves that allows them to create massive change in their lives. She aims to abolish doubt and fear and build confidence and success within the lives of the women she works with.

Gemma’s Sales Question is: How much importance do you put on figuring out how you’re going to sell something before you’ve created it?

Jessica starts by talking about Launch, and how much work should be finished before actually considering the launch and sales process. She explains that the first time you run anything, it’s more like a test anyway! She describes what can be done pre-launch to help the success rate of selling the actual program, and the difference between launching an expensive program versus a less expensive one, and the level of work involved.

Jess talks about market research, and how it’s important to know exactly what’s going on in the heads of the people you want to sell to. She describes the two types of people she would approach and speak to in order to get the most relevant information before launching. She also shares the method she uses to set up criteria for the type of person she’s looking for in order to get clear about her target market.


“Launching anything is a process”

“Build it and they will come is not necessarily the truest phrase in the book”

“Market research is key”

“Sometimes the best thing you can do is push yourself out of your comfort zone and keep going”


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