Jess is feeling festive over the holiday season and made some observations about Christmas songs and passive income! Follow along!

She describes her Christmas day, both traditionally, and now, and explains why she gets really into it when the holidays come. She also explains a powerful ‘Why’ behind the building of her business.

Everyone gets excited to be a Christmas #1 hit. They track it, they get vocal about it, it’s kind of a big deal. Christmas #1’s reap serious rewards for their effort, and the payoff is typically big sales, media appearances, and longevity.

Royalties. She points out that singers do make a ton of money on auto-pilot after they utilize their talent to make a single product.

Jess also draws attention to what Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber have done, and what Christmas song makes her want to throw her radio across the room. Jess sheds light on why minor changes make significant bank, but also reaches a new audience that learns differently.

Finally, she see’s us off with a Happy Holiday, as we eagerly await her return from festivities!