Jess is joined today by none other than her producer and Podcast Bay’s very own Scott Doucet. You know that Scott she keeps talking to on the recording? Yeah. That clown. He produces podcasts for a living and has seen a lot of people disillusioned when it comes to a podcast’s role in the sales process.

He and Jess laugh about the various podcast shenanigans that have taken place since the launch of Smart Leaders Sell, and Jess also describes the hilarious sales call that she had with Scott when she was thinking of hiring him.

His question: How do Podcasts Convert to Sales?

Jess starts off by explaining the role of a blog, podcast or other traffic generation tools, and compares a podcast to the sex-on-legs guy or girl at the club.

She goes on to talk about driving traffic, and making offers. She shares a few ways to get that done, and then gives an analogy about boyfriends that Scott can’t relate to. She draws it all in together by talking about her mum, and how she’s ultimately wrong about human behavior

Jess slams cannon ball sized holes into Scott’s theory on selling from podcasts, and offers a story to reinforce how it can be done. She also goes on to describe a basic funnel, and why it’s crucial to make offers to an audience who are used to being sold to.

Jess shares a few more insights regarding selling, and nurturing the kind of audience who wants to buy, and how putting yourself in the sales friend zone is a bad idea. Finally Scott shares his own traumatic bird stories in reference to Jessica’s episode titled: Geese!


“You’re the industry’s best kept secret”

“Shut up and take my money”

“Their job is only to generate traffic, your job is to retain them and sell to them”

“Even industry leaders like to be given a clue what to do next”

“When you give a clear call to action, people will actually do it”

“You’d be amazed by the number of people who want to listen to your podcast, but don’t want to join a FB group”

“You have to manage the expectation of your audience”

“Remember tot rain people to buy”

“If you are passive and you let them be passive, nothing will ever get done”


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