Susan is excellent when it comes to good quality video. She understands it, she knows what it needs to do in order to captivate and audience, and she’s committed to producing great quality video for the people she works with.

She and Jess spend a bit of time talking about the use of video, and how it can positively impact business. Jess once landed a hearing impaired client because of her use of subtitles and show notes underneath a video, and explains that having video content can be extremely helpful in reaching people who have different needs to learning styles.

Her Question: How do I deal with competition when people are so quick to hand things off to their assistants or go to places like Fiverr?

Jess talks about how she hires people and why. She explains that she chooses people who are experts within their craft and devote their professional lives to being extremely knowledgeable and talented within their respective fields because she requires that level of quality to be taken seriously.

She also explains the dichotomy between what you are creative and good at, versus what your audience really needs, and when can they afford to pay for it?

Jess breaks down the reasons behind why it’s important to sell people what they want, instead of describing what they need. She mentions that people are more likely to buy for the result or transformation you offer, than the quality of the product or service.


“There’s so many ways to use video these days”

“Video gives us the ability to look at someone and think ‘are they telling the truth? can we trust them?'”

“It’s knowing what to say straight away that you capture people’s attention”

“It’s not about creating one piece of content and letting that go out into the world”

“When we look at the ‘Nice to have’s’ in our business, it tends to be when we’re more profitable”

“You have to have the confidence to say: this is where I want to specialize, and this is what I want to do”

“There’s always going to be someone out there who says that’s too expensive”

“Can you really do the thing you’re telling me you can do?”


Instagram: SusanJimenezme