Sara Christensen is the founder of Kickass Masterminds. SHe’s been a business owner for over 25 years. She’s a massive advocate for the effectiveness of mastermind groups, and has seen and experienced first hand how life changing the proper group can be for the right person.

Her big sales question: Does the sales process we have make sense for what we’re trying to accomplish?

Sara walks Jessica through her sales process, and what she has planned for it, and highlights her goals and the benefits of being involved in a mastermind group. She explains each step of her funnel in detail, and describes the experience for the interested person.

Jessica then does what she does best!

Jess talks about each part of the Funnel, and offers slight adjustments, tweaks and adds that could improve the overall sales process for the buyer. From earlier application opportunities, to added value and content strategies, she brings up a lot of helpful ways to make the process flow more smoothly and effectively.

She also explains the benefit of adding a group/community to the sales process, and when the optimal time to request payment, and why that is. FInally Jess explains why a sales process should be a little on the challenging side, and the issues with making things “too easy”.


“The matching and the management is key to making these groups work”

“I can’t be the only one dog our sales process, it needs to be baked into our company”

“Sales is like baking a cake. You have to get the recipe right”

“What is the urgency?”

“I am committed to this process and I am committed to buying in at the end of this process”

“When we don’t make it a challenge, they have nothing to compete with”