Jess tells us all about geese in this episode of Smart Leaders Sell! More specifically, she talks about what geese teach us about being successful in business, and what they teach us about being good human beings in general.

She talks about getting her tattoo recently, and does her absolute best to describe what it looks like. She also shares her mildly embarrassing reason for choosing this particular tattoo!

Jessica also shares a traumatizing childhood memory about geese, and why she’s touchy around certain birds. She talks about why geese honk constantly and fly in a V formation, all the while tying it into a sales lesson!

She talks about the collaborative effort that geese put into their flight, and how in sales, that can be a very powerful thing to consider. She quotes a very smart person, and relates to some of the struggles of running a business alone.

Jess describes the communication habits of the goose, and explains the essential skills they exhibit to build excellent relationships. She also talks about the support they lend one another in times of need and rest, and how we as humans could benefit from onboarding that kind of mentality.


“In order to be successful in business, you need to work out how to be a leader in your industry”

“Birds are surprisingly fast”

“Geese are hugely collaborative”

“We are so worried about how people will perceive us”

“We should be in constant communication with our audience”

“We never make a big enough presence in any one space”

“Are you showing up?”

“Asking for help in business is the quickest way for you to learn”

“At some point in your business you are going to be required to be a leader”