Heather Gray is the host of the Business Mindset Mastery Podcast. She does mindset and performance coaching for online business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. She deems mindset to be the Psychology of Success, and helps to clear the beliefs and issues that hold leaders back from realizing their biggest potential.

Today’s episode differs from the normal Friday coaching sessions: Today, Heather and Jess deep dive into the topic of rejection together and debunk a ton of myths in the process.

Heather begins by addressing some of the negative thought patterns that are setting entrepreneurs and business owners up for failure. She and Jess also talk about detaching from the outcome, and not taking rejection so personally, and how that can be such a challenge if certain considerations aren’t taken into account first.

Jess and Heather talk about pricing, and how playing with price is always better than avoiding sales altogether. They also get into the topic of ego, and how it does factor in to a business owner’s performance in sales.

Heather talks about the time Jess made her cry, and how much of an impact that moment had on her life. She explains how she was being selfish by not giving the answers she knew to be true, and instead waiting for people to ask the questions. She also talks about holding back, and how it’s detrimental to a business.

She also opens up about a business she launched in 2013, and made zero money at it. She talks about the potential setbacks that could have occurred if she rolled over, but instead, she moved on and explains all of the lessons she’s learned as a result of that “failure”.


“It’s simply not true that if you build it, they will come”

“There are so many reasons that people don’t buy from us.”

“We are not our brands, we are the business owners of our brands”

“Every rejection opens us up to finding the right person”

“Anyone can put a GoPro on a monkey”

“People might not like me. What am I going to do in response?”

“We’re capable of surviving rejection”

“I want this sale, I’ve worked hard for it, but I don’t need it”