In this episode, Jessica makes an interesting comparison between the Haka (an ancestral war dance), and sales. She explains why it makes sense in her world (and why her world is a beautiful place to be), and how it’s really not all that far fetched to attribute the same ideology to sales.

She describes the dance, and gives a little backstory on the dual purposes behind it. Jess lists off a ton of ritual examples from both sales and sports, and explains how they set people up for success.

She explains her own rituals: when she does them, what she does, and why she makes a point to do them. She also gives some insight into booking sales calls, and how to be more effective at them.

She lets us in on one of her nerdy obsessions: handling objections. She explains what happens between you and the buyer when an objection is handled badly, as well as what happens when it’s handled with care.

Jess also wants to hear about your rituals, traditions and lucky charms in sales! Reach out to her at


“Every single member of that team is a leader, but they are leaders that come together as a part of a community”

“The sale happens way earlier than when someone gets to that sales call with you”

“They need to be setting themselves up consistently to succeed”

“You have to be confident in telling other people your pricing”

“Sales call structure is super important”

“Confidence is everything”

“It’s about having a routine, process or strategy that is designed to put you, your mind, and your actions all in the right place.