On today’s episode Jessica does live coaching with Hannah Williams. Hannah has run the London Marathon twice, and Jessica has actually entered to run this year!

Hannah describes her business to Jessica, and explains her process and what she helps her clients achieve. She talks about the part of her business that fired her up the most.

Hannah asks Jessica: If you have a community who has not been trained to buy from you, or won’t buy from you: How do you turn that around?

Jessica talks about the habits that have been formed by the online marketplace, and the benefits to having “freeple” within your community. She also talks about the normalizing of selling, and when it should be done in order to have the correct impact on the people who follow you.

She also explains how to create a sale friendly environment, and how investment plays a massive factor in the success of people’s efforts. Finally, she and Hannah discuss mindset and how having the proper perspective on sales and selling can significantly impact the degree of success someone experiences.

“We all have those things to a greater or lesser extent: The things that hold us back from going after what we really want”

“That’s one of the reasons people don’t buy: because they’re consuming constantly”

“For every free offer you’re putting out there, you should be putting out a paid offer too”

“In order to make something work, you have to go out and do the steps required”

“You can’t expect someone to invest in you if you’re not willing to invest in yourself”

“How you sell is a direct reflection of how you feel about your business”