Jessica Lorimer, sales obsessed host of the Smart Leaders Sell podcast, takes today’s episode to describe the only 3 things she does in order to generate instant revenue within her business.

She talks about reasons why someone may need to generate a little extra cash flow, either for business expansion, hiring a team member, or even just to repair the car a significant other broke.

Jessica starts with the assessment phase. She explains what is meant by the term “warm audience” and uncovers the value in assessing just who these people are, and how many of them there are.

She moves into the next step: Have a stupidly sell-able offer. She explains how to curate the offer so that it addresses the needs of your warm audience, and how to go about finding out what those needs are.

Finally, she goes into detail about how to sell it, which is the final phase of this process. She describes when it’s appropriate to do premium offers, and when a “1 to many” approach is more beneficial. She also describes the best way to go about doing both.


“Cash is absolutely King”

“If you are able to generate cash on demand, it’s going to be an awful lot easier for you to operate as a business.”

“The people who are most likely to buy from me are the people who are most engaged with me”

“You don’t need a hundred thousand people on your email list to make money”

“What is the one biggest problem that you have right now?”