In this episode, Jessica discusses public accountability and all of it’s benefits. She starts off by giving examples of successful accountability models, and explains why they work. She also breaks down the logic behind why people tend to get more out of something if they are paying for it.

She shares her experiences within FB communities, and the various accountability posts she’s seen. She talks about what works, and what doesn’t as well as what’s expected of a good leader.

Jessica invites us to create an environment within our businesses and lives that includes accountability. She discusses the difference that occurs in the attitudes of people who make public claims, versus those who stay quiet.

She leaves us off with thoughts surrounding consequences, and how they can positively impact a persons results.


“When you pay to play, you publicly commit to more.”

“When people are paying, the have this commitment to ongoing momentum”

“Stopping ultimately leads to inaction which leads to zero momentum which leads to zero sales.”

“People are not paying for information, they are paying for implementation.