Jessica has decided to start the show with the most demanded topic! Sales calls. She has had an outpouring of requests to do a sales call episode, and so starting with that topic seems to make the most sense: especially since she geeks out on all things sales related! She starts off by explaining why sales calls tend to turn south, and what we can do to stop it.

She goes into great details about prequalifying leads, and the types of questions we can ask, that will result in a better sales process. After that, Jessica gives an awesome depiction of what makes a great discovery call, and the various phases of a call that can be implemented in order to have more success for both you, and your potential client.

Finally, she dives into the scary world of objections, and gives us tools we can use in order to properly navigate those waters without losing sight of our goal. Massive amounts of goodies in here, and even more to be had! Tune in to the end to get access to even more great stuff!

Quotes “Knowledge is power” “Facts tell, transformation sells” “A confused mind doesn’t buy”