Jess is freezing in this episode of Smart Leaders Sell! She’s dressed like the Michelin Man and ready to record this episode of the show! This week’s topic? Sales Pages. After being invited to appear on Good Morning Britain only to be turned away by a legendary snowstorm (don’t worry, she’ll be back), Jess is kicked back with Chinese food on the way and ready to dive into the topic at hand.

She tells us about the death of her car, and in shopping for a new one: She was not impressed with a single sales page she visited. She decides to give us a really simplistic look at the 3 things a sales page must have in order to be effective.

Jess goes deep talking about headlines and product names, and how to make them as impactful as possible in order to catch their intended audience. Self-identifiers are also a key thing to pay attention to. Make sure the people who are on your sales page are able to say “That’s me, I need this” when looking at your page.

You can still sell if you suck at copy. Rather than worrying about putting the right words in the proper order, get creative with it. Think about how you’ll be delivering your content within the program, or how you are most comfortable communicating your message. If that’s video, do a video landing page instead. Jess shares quite a few ideas to turn aside bad copywriting skills.

Features are not the selling point. Jess relates back to the lists of features she saw within every car she looked at and explains that it didn’t make her want to purchase any more than she already did. If the car company had listed the benefits of owning the car instead, she would have been much more likely to click the buy button, especially if there was a bit of humor involved.


“The only thing that can help me right now are sweet and sour chicken balls”

“Not one of the sales pages I looked at made me want to buy a car”

“It needs to stop them in their tracks, and it needs to ultimately show them the transformation they’re looking for”

“We want to feel like people are talking directly to us”

“Features tell, benefits sell”

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