Jess welcomes Amy Jackson onto Smart Leaders Sell! Amy and Jess go way back, 8 months back: Almost an anniversary. Amy teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how to take good photos and make stunning visuals from their phones. She knows that people won’t lug around a massive camera all day long, and so she wants to find a cure for bad photography by teaching people how to use their phone cameras properly.

Amy’s Sales Question: How do you start selling when you’ve established a community that expects free?

Jess describes how natural it is to want to give away everything for free online, and also how important it is to give away really good content at no charge. She also gets into why it’s so important to make offers on top of the free things. She talks about the positive impact that both can simultaneously have on your business if it’s done tastefully.

She paints a vivid picture of the vicious cycle we find ourselves in when we make an offer, and no one responds and so we keep going the free route. She also shares how to solve said issue when you do experience it.

Setting expectations for the audience. She says that you can still offer a value-packed community without giving away overwhelming amounts of free information. She describes a few ways to do that, and how to make the sell a lot less awkward as a result.

Finally, Jess dives into selling, and the psychology behind why people buy, and how to sell to those people. She describes aspirational selling, emotional selling and fear of missing out selling, and each can be used to reach different people.


“people are going to look at your photo before they read anything that you’ve got printed”

“it isn’t really a buyer’s fault if they’ve been trained into not purchasing”

“You can still give them that value without pimping yourself out daily”


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