Jess starts this episode by listing examples of the various issues she caused with her upcoming book launch! These panic-inducing moments include (but are not limited to) sending a completely unedited version of the book, full of spelling mistakes, off to the printers! The issues have all been remedied, so if you’re interested in getting on the waiting list, you can do so here:

Jess also has the Monetizing Event of the Year coming up at The Ritz in London, and has some nerves about that, as there are both live and virtual attendees, and this will be the first time she’s organized anything like this. Jess wanted to take a moment out of her madness to discuss the benefits of taking swift action, and what that does for a business: so here we are.

Jess talks about the ebb and flow on enthusiasm she experiences when she was writing her book, and how pushing through the first quarter when she had the inspiration and enthusiasm made a massive difference to the rest of the writing experience. Had she not taken that immediate action, the book may not have been written as well, or as quickly, because she could have been less enthused about it.

She also describes her aversion to risk, and her conservative nature when it comes to making decisions, and the ramifications that tend to have on her progress, as well as her tendency to not live in the moment. She also paints a picture of her somewhat terrifying thought process that would occur if her beloved chihuahua, Max, were to suddenly fall off the sofa and hurt himself. It’s relevant. Honest.

Jess brings up two opportunities that were presented to her, one on live radio, the other on Channel 5 News, that she had zero time to prepare for, and agreed to do anyway. She paints a vivid picture of her anxious mind, and how it processed each scenario, but also the massive benefits to saying yes to these things without getting caught up in the preparation.

She talks about how taking swift action counteracts all of the typical responses we have: things like procrastination, worry, panic, anxiety and even discouraging ourselves out of something completely. She also explains how taking swift, decisive action can benefit your launches, even if you have an evergreen product or service that’s always available to your market.


“You can take sustained consistent action in an area that you’re really interested in”

“We’re always looking for what could go wrong”

“When we’re taking immediate action, we’re so caught up in the here and the now, that actually it can stop those nerves”

“Over thinking is the biggest killer to our action”

“Yes, but: just means no”

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