Jess welcomes Karen Ramsay Smith onto this episode of Smart Leaders Sell! Karen is what Jess would describe as “a little bit woo” and yet can bring into the world of practicality, and practical marketing in a way that makes sense, and works very well. Karen helps people tune into that inner voice that tells them what they actually want to do and accomplish within their business, that vision they wish to truly create, and then helps them gain the visibility to achieve it.

Karen and Jess talk about authenticity, and it’s fall from grace into being another buzz word. Karen also explains how simple it is to differentiate yourself from your competition by doing what comes most naturally to you: Being yourself. She then paints a vivid picture of a tall, awkward man proposing to Jess upon first glance at a coffee shop. Don’t worry. It’s relevant. Jess also goes on to talk about her dating profile as “The Next Bridget Jones”

How can somebody heart centered leverage their business up to the next level?

Jess talks about how heart centered or spiritual entrepreneurs have been manipulated by the system into thinking that they have to forget compassion in order to get paid. She explains that in order for something to feel good energetically, there needs to be an exchange. Whether that been financial, or a bartering of services, there needs to be a currency exchanged for the services provided in order for a transaction to feel good.

She talks about building trust with an audience, and how giving someone a bunch of free stuff doesn’t actually get them anywhere. It’s best to provide them with some simple free things, but then sell your bigger, more complicated programs because people who pay for things, actually complete them.

Karen asks about webinars, and how that would fit into her sales process. Jess talks about how everyone tries to do the same funnels, and how it drives her crazy, but then goes on to describe a sales process that would work very well for what Karen wants to achieve. She also talks about providing evidence in the form of testimonials from people who have had success with the product or program, in order to help people understand that it truly does work.


“Over the course of our natural lives, we’re conditioned to be something else that we think we should be”

“Being pushy without a connection first doesn’t feel right”

“Heart centered entrepreneurs have always been manipulated by the system”

“In return or in exchange for the talent you have or the help that you are giving, you deserve to be rewarded as well”

“If they’re not committed to the process, if they’re not invested in the process, they’re not going to make use of it”

“Just because I can’t see it, doesn’t mean that gift or specialty doesn’t exist”

“Even Jesus asked for help”

“The money itself is kind of irrelevant, it’s the vision of what the money will bring to them”


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