Jessica is excited to welcome Natasha Koo onto the show! Natasha has been a member of Jess’ Smart Leaders Sales Society since the very beginning! Natasha runs an online community called The Feminine Space and the collective mission is to help women go through major transitions in their lives. She loves being able to help when women are looking for a change, but not sure what that change will look like.

Natasha listens to Jessica’s wisdom, recommendations, and advice in order to effectively sell. She also listens to her community in order to offer them the absolute best solutions in order to make a bigger impact within their lives. She has noticed that there is a division in her community. Some of the women are at a boiling point and need to change now, and are willing to hire her, others are at a point where they know they need to make a change, but are less willing to come forward and ask for help.

Natasha’s Question: How do I speak to my audience in a way that they know I am here for them?

Jess starts off by explaining that communities and businesses are always growing, and always adding new people. When that happens, it’s very important to go back to basics and get clear on who your ideal client is. She shares 2 things that someone could focus on in order to achieve the most success in communicating to the people you wish to work with, or who really need your services.

She goes on to talk about ideal clients, and instead of trying to find overlaps between them, to consistently market to each of them a little differently in order to effectively serve those respective groups. She explains that you can talk to each group individually, while still serving the greater good, and provides an example to Natasha using her business as the scenario.

Natasha admits that she’s been hesitant to say that she wants to work with paying clients and sell premium services, but that she wants to try to help everyone who needs her. Jess clears things up by giving Natasha tools to help her community self identify and figure out which category they fit into when it comes to services that Natasha offers.

Jess also answers Natasha’s questions surrounding telling people what they need to hear, versus telling people what they want to hear and navigating those waters. Jess shares that people are more likely to buy if you focus on the result and transformation you can help them achieve and that if you’re 100% confident you can get them those results and that transformation: you’re not selling them a pipe dream. She also explains that there are different skill sets within business, and that some of them are fun, and some of them aren’t, and that people tend to shrug off the boring stuff and struggle even though it’s the boring stuff that allows much more time for fun later.

Jess also talks about what she calls her “smile file” and how it helps her identify what she’s helped people within the past, the impact that it had and the results it achieved, as well as how she can further help clients in the future. She and Natasha discuss that it’s less about the journey when it comes to sales. The journey is unspoken. It’s the destination people want to hear about and be sold on.


“Who actually is my ideal client?”

“You can absolutely have more than one ideal client”

“It’ hard to say ‘I want to sell premium services’”

“Sometimes we have to say what people want to hear in order to get them on the right track”

“That’s what your audience needs to see: the end goal”

“What is the pain they are really going through right now? What are they really struggling with?