Episode 031: Passive Income and Christmas Songs

Episode 031: Passive Income and Christmas Songs

Jess is feeling festive over the holiday season and made some observations about Christmas songs and passive income! Follow along!

She describes her Christmas day, both traditionally, and now, and explains why she gets really into it when the holidays come. She also explains a powerful ‘Why’ behind the building of her business.

Everyone gets excited to be a Christmas #1 hit. They track it, they get vocal about it, it’s kind of a big deal. Christmas #1’s reap serious rewards for their effort, and the payoff is typically big sales, media appearances, and longevity.

Royalties. She points out that singers do make a ton of money on auto-pilot after they utilize their talent to make a single product.

Jess also draws attention to what Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber have done, and what Christmas song makes her want to throw her radio across the room. Jess sheds light on why minor changes make significant bank, but also reaches a new audience that learns differently.

Finally, she see’s us off with a Happy Holiday, as we eagerly await her return from festivities!

Episode 030: Sales and Marketing for the Introverted with Bernadine Graham

Episode 030: Sales and Marketing for the Introverted with Bernadine Graham

Jess welcomes Bernadine Graham onto Smart Leaders Sell! Bernadine has a great sense of humor, is in love with all things tech, and makes a great guest for the show! Jess shares a moment about how technologically incapable she can be, and Bernadine leaks a little secret about how little she knew when she got her first office job!

Bernadine describes what she does, and how being a “corporate escapee” has helped her hone in on what she really loves, and why systems are so important.

Her sales question: How do I improve my marketing and sales skills, and still be in introvert?

Jess describes what a mindset coach taught her about introverts versus extroverts, and what advantages an introverted person has in sales and marketing. She also explains the benefit of finding one platform and consistently delivering from it.

She talks about Instagram, Podcasting and other broadcast mediums that work well for introverted people, and also factors in that introverts don’t necessarily need to be the face of their business. There are other ways to deliver content without including yourself as much.


“I’m an opportunist. I got my first office job and I don’t think I even knew what Outlook was then”

“Marketing when you’re an introvert actually makes you a better salesperson”

“It’s about being comfortable”

“I’m the cog behind the machine, I’m the one that keeps the wheels turning, so I’m not really visible.”

“Show yourself the evidence”

“You don’t have to be anyone you don’t want to be”

“When I first started, I tried to do everything…”



Episode 029: What Brick and Mortar Businesses Do Right

Episode 029: What Brick and Mortar Businesses Do Right

Jess is in the Christmas spirit recording today’s episode! She’s even kicking back with her reindeer antler headband and a festive Christmas… Corona!?

She gives credit to brick and mortar businesses on this special holiday edition of Smart Leaders Sell, and tips her antlers to some of the strategies and ideas they use to create buzz around sales.

Jess describes what companies and corporations do during this time of year to build a relationship with you, and ensure that you become a customer of theirs in the new year.

She also shares some insight surrounding urgency during this time of year, and how brick and mortar businesses use messaging that tends to be more keen on making the sale now, rather than later. Max also makes a guest vocal appearance.

Jess also takes the opportunity to elaborate on rewards, and how rewarding your customers and audience in December can give people incentive to do business again with you in January.

Jess leaves off by wishing you a very happy holiday season, and an absolutely fantastic Christmas.


“There are lots and lots of things that brick and mortar businesses do incredibly well”

“It’s also the season of lead generation”

“What can I be doing in my business right now to ensure leads for next year?”

“Shops know that this is the biggest time of year for sales”

“In order to maximize the festive season, we need to be selling consistently, we need to be selling regularly.”

“January is a really slow sales moth for most businesses”



Episode 028: The Money Back Guarantee with Mark Simpson

Episode 028: The Money Back Guarantee with Mark Simpson

Mark Simpson is the hotel King, at least from what Jess has heard, and she met him at Dan Meredith’s Brighton Business Bonanza! Mark helps small hotels get more bookings. He was once in hospitality, but decided to step out from running a hotel in order to support hotel owners in order to spend more time with his family.

Mark describes the motivation behind starting Boostly, and why he feels for smaller hotels, and how he identifies with their pain points. He also draws a parallel between teaching children how to play football, and teaching 45 year olds to use Facebook.

Jess oh-so-subtly tries to cue Mark in to his question: Is offering a money back guarantee the biggest sell out on a sales pitch or is it a nice little secret weapon to gave up your sleeve?”

Jess explains that money back guarantees are tricky because they rely on whether or not your client does the work. It requires an agreement that often goes overlooked, holding your client accountable.

She also explains that money back guarantees tend to attract people who won’t invest 100% of the effort or energy into the goal or objective. Jess also explains some of the positives of offering a money back guarantee, and how they can often show confidence in your product.

She also shares a question you could ask instead of offering up a money back guarantee. She explains that often there’s an objection that has very little to do with money. She also explains that sometimes a financial investment can be a stress on someone, in which case, that person may not be the best fit for your service at that time.

Jess explains when it’s a good idea to be flexible, and stresses the importance of pre-qualifying your potential clients before getting on the sales call in the first place.


“I personally don’t give money back guarantees”

“They’re still fence sitters, their just fence sitters who happened to pay for one installment”

“I would rather someone not join my programs if they’re not 100% in”

“Part of being a good customer is doing your due diligence”




Episode 27: Community Is Everything

Episode 27: Community Is Everything

Jessica joins us this week to give us the inside scoop on what REALLY went down at Dan Meredith’s Brighton Business Bonanza. She describes all of the speakers who were present, and what they covered within the speeches and presentations.

She explains that she’s an absolute troll most mornings, but the Brighton event had her primed and ready to go out and meet new people at ungodly hours of the morning! She attributes that success to that quality of the community she was asked to be a part of, and how motivational it was to be surrounded by so many great people.

She describes the feeling she got when she met so many amazing people who were deeply connected, not only in business, but as friends too. Jess also talks about the amount of people who approached her in an almost apologetic fashion because “her business is so far ahead of theirs” and how that’s a silly thing to do.

She explains how to properly approach networking with powerhouse type people, and how coming from the proper place instead of a self serving place can have a much bigger impact on your life and business. She also doesn’t recommend licking anyone’s shirt after asking for an autograph or a photo.

Jess breaks down the 3 key things that are required in order to get the most out of an event. She uses the Brighton Business Bonanza as an example, and shares how she’s applied those keys to make the most out of it. She also shares examples of when implementation is more important than consumption.

Jess finally shares some of the relationships she’s built as a result of the event, including being unable to work the coffee machine and having a gentleman rescue her, getting a fellow’s name wrong a multitude of times, and potentially being responsible for a dangerous ride home for another lad as he wanted to binge listen to the podcast on the way.


“It’s not often that you get so many great people in a room together”

“When it comes to business, if you don’t have a tribe, you don’t have any of the important things you need to build your business”

“When you value your people, they value you”

“Never be apologetic for the stage your business is in”

“People don’t response well to people who want to take more than they give”

“Talk to them like they’re human”

“Take the bits you really want”

“Don’t beat yourself up about any little mistakes you do make, we’re all human”

“The information is probably the least important party of the event”

Episode 026: Learning to Sell Yourself Online with Kaylyn Parker

Episode 026: Learning to Sell Yourself Online with Kaylyn Parker

Kaylyn Parker is welcomed warmly onto the show this week to talk sales! She specializes in social media strategies and digital marketing. Kaylyn spends her days doing social media marketing for her clients and helping them build a journey for their customers online.

Her question: Why can I sell other people, but hit a blank when I sell myself online?

Jess asks her whether her lack of marketing is based out of fear, or a lack of time. She explains the overwhelm of not being able to find a starting point. She wants to know what is the most important thing she should be focusing on.

Jess breaks down the 3 major components of sales, and discusses how to choose the proper platform for your message. Kaylyn also brings up a fear she has surrounding being inactive on certain social media platforms and how that could reflect on her brand.

Jessica also shares her insights on selling to a group, and how to balance nurturing an audience and selling to them. She talks about having consistent days and setting expectations straight away.


“A client of mine is a marketing agency and they asked me to do something that was no longer possible on social media”

“you really have to keep up on what’s current so that you’re not making false promises”

“I want to do it, I’m not scared to do it, but I don’t know where to start”

“You need to grow your audience, you need to nurture them, build relationships with them, and then you need to sell to them”

“You have your finger on the pulse of social media, that doesn’t mean you have to be interacting on every single platform”

“You’re running a business because you want to enjoy it”



EPISODE 024 : The Best Episode Ever with Scott Doucet

EPISODE 024 : The Best Episode Ever with Scott Doucet

Jess is joined today by none other than her producer and Podcast Bay’s very own Scott Doucet. You know that Scott she keeps talking to on the recording? Yeah. That clown. He produces podcasts for a living and has seen a lot of people disillusioned when it comes to a podcast’s role in the sales process.

He and Jess laugh about the various podcast shenanigans that have taken place since the launch of Smart Leaders Sell, and Jess also describes the hilarious sales call that she had with Scott when she was thinking of hiring him.

His question: How do Podcasts Convert to Sales?

Jess starts off by explaining the role of a blog, podcast or other traffic generation tools, and compares a podcast to the sex-on-legs guy or girl at the club.

She goes on to talk about driving traffic, and making offers. She shares a few ways to get that done, and then gives an analogy about boyfriends that Scott can’t relate to. She draws it all in together by talking about her mum, and how she’s ultimately wrong about human behavior

Jess slams cannon ball sized holes into Scott’s theory on selling from podcasts, and offers a story to reinforce how it can be done. She also goes on to describe a basic funnel, and why it’s crucial to make offers to an audience who are used to being sold to.

Jess shares a few more insights regarding selling, and nurturing the kind of audience who wants to buy, and how putting yourself in the sales friend zone is a bad idea. Finally Scott shares his own traumatic bird stories in reference to Jessica’s episode titled: Geese!


“You’re the industry’s best kept secret”

“Shut up and take my money”

“Their job is only to generate traffic, your job is to retain them and sell to them”

“Even industry leaders like to be given a clue what to do next”

“When you give a clear call to action, people will actually do it”

“You’d be amazed by the number of people who want to listen to your podcast, but don’t want to join a FB group”

“You have to manage the expectation of your audience”

“Remember tot rain people to buy”

“If you are passive and you let them be passive, nothing will ever get done”



FB Group

EPISODE 023 : Stand and Deliver

EPISODE 023 : Stand and Deliver

Jess is back with another awesome deep dive into a sales topic! Today she talks about Standing and Delivering: what happens on after the customer buys. She also graces us with her excellent singing voice!

She explains that customers are beginning to feel like they’re not valued, and that’s because a lot of people are over promising and under delivering.

She shares her experience with scrolling the FB news feed, and how many people she see’s posting crazy amounts throughout the day. She breaks down the negative effects that being too present on social media can cause to you, and your business.

She describes the effects of setting proper expectations, and talks about men with laser beams. She also explains why people are afraid to shout it from the rooftops how talented they are.


“What happens after the customer buys from you?”

“Customers are starting to feel like statistics”

“The people who are going to buy from you have a lifetime value”

“People actually buy from humans”

“Our job is not to create codependent clients”

“Communication is huge for helping to retain clients”

EPISODE 022 : Scaling Without Burnout with Steph Weller

EPISODE 022 : Scaling Without Burnout with Steph Weller

Steph Weller is amazing when it comes to social media. She understands what makes the customer journey enjoyable on social media, and what gaps people tend to leave in their strategy. She helps clients by filling in those gaps to create a much better presence and journey for the customer.

Her Question: How do you scale without burning out?

Jess talks about different ways to scale, and begins by talking about hiring in people who can do what you do. She explains that eventually, people want to grow beyond their current position and take on new things, and putting someone in place that can handle your current job is one way to scale a brand.

She also explains a completely different route that doesn’t require a team. She explains how to get the job done using quarterly strategies to grow and nurture an audience, doing two or three big launches a year.

Jess talks about membership communities and why they can be very difficult to build (contrary to popular belief). She explains attrition rates and how to avoid running into problems with members dropping out.

Finally, Jess lets listeners in on her own business model, and how she’s been investing her own time and money thus far, and what she intends to change in 2018. She also talks about what she plans to do in her 70’s, which is quite far off, but it’s nice to see her planning ahead!


“I just think people miss out on the basics of social media”

“I’m not going to be on the pulse of every single trend”

“The important thing is you’re building the business that you want to build”

“We have a 98% success rate and a 100% completion rate”

“If you deliver in a membership, the lifetime potential of a customer is huge”

“Sometimes we forget about the long term plan”